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I have published a book:

ISBN: 978-3-639-17128-0
Security Enhancement Schemes for Wireless Networks: Deploying Neural Nets and Digital Signatures.


My name is Tarik Guelzim, I am a Software Architect and Solutions Manager at OT MORPHO (SAFRAN Identity & Security joins forces with Oberthur Technologies). I have a Master degree in Computer Science, Computer Networks and Telecom from Monmouth University and a Bachelor Degree from Kean University both in New Jersey, USA.

I’ve worked on a wide spectrum of projects (Professionally or Academically) in the fields of algorithm design, machine learning, enterprise applications development, mobile development as well as software architecture.

My main interests and research area topics are (in order):

  • Machine Learning & Computer Vision using Neural Networks DeepLearning algorithms.
  • IoT and Cloud computing (Currently researching in this area)
  • Software & System architectures (JEE patterns & SOA).
  • Security of e-Systems and cryptography.
  • Mobile development (Android mainly).
  • Green Computing.
  • Computer Vision (OpenCV)
  • System Simulation and Modeling (mostly discrete systems).
  • Genetic Programming and Neural networks.
  • Algorithm Design and Complexity Analysis.
  • Linux & Open Source Software.

As the software industry matures, I am currently sharpening my skills in Lean Sigma improvement methodologies in order to better the engineering practices at my current workplace.

Check out my publications page for more information on my research work: (click me)

You can reach me at tarik.guelzim@gmail.com with any question or request. You may also contact me directly using this online form (click here)